Deep USA stock analysis webinar posted

My webina for USA stock analysis r from last night will be going today. This is close to 2 hours of trading secrets I will not be revealing this again. If you want to watch this video, please join this member right away.

Note my monthly prices will be going up 50%!! You will also be grandfathered in this lowest price forever as long as you stay on as a member!

This all stems from last night’s live webinar

This from these videos


My trading plan webinar set

Some new development you should know about including this My Trading Plan webinar

Webinar set for this Monday Aug 8 at 7 PM EDT

As I have been digging deep on where to deploy capital with this specific training plan. I am combining different metrics to decide on specific low volatile but predictable upswings in various market sectors.

New poll!

i have posted this poll with a question of ‘With all the Forex and ETF sub category analysis with a positive track record and verified trading accounts, what are you willing to pay each MONTH for this access?’on my community tab:

This leads up to new marketing efforts to get you to subscriber to my monthly offering of the Quant Analytics posted here

See my private postings here

As a reminder you can view my private postings at the chart server at

I don’t post as much on social media nor Telegram.

Lastly, am doing one more scan of the forex and ETF markets before I deploy my trading capital come Monday.

Create your own ‘bank’ with cryptocurrency news webinar

As you know with the crazy restrictive emergency laws being introduced in the last week, many moving their savings out of FIAT banks into cryptocurrency trading. As a Canadian, I am going to show you what the actual law is where it comes to the Canada Revenue Agency regards of crypto wallet activity. There are some options we can talk about your choices in how you can literally:

  1. Create your own ‘bank’ anonymously with crypto
  2. In the future, draw off your crypto saving with a Visa debit card.
  3. Trade using a European de-central exchange to trade perpetual contracts and other high performing coins

This will take place at 7 PM EST on Thur Feb 24 on my Telegram news channel at

Protect your trading and banking accounts