Algo trading for stock and crypto LIVE workshop?

Both stock and crypto asset classes are moving up a lot! In fact, 2 coins moved up 2.5x – 4x since the beginning of Jan 1!!! Some stocks were moving 50% since the fall? Are you wanting to learn how to trade either for big returns? If so,

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BIG NEWS! Forex Workshop is being built today!

BIG NEWS! Forex Workshop is being built today!

New videos have been recorded recently for this massive course which includes this forex workshop. It already includes some older tips and tricks for optimal forex research. It will also include how to do my CURRENT forex trading for both Oanda and Interactive Brokers. I use only the best brokers/exchanges, including Kraken for cryptocurrency and IBKR for everything else.

I am expanding this workshop which will include other asset classes like stock (equity) and cryptocurrency. Most of the trading platform demos use the stellar MotiveWave trading platform.

This entire course is built for non-technical people who are not strong in software programming/engineering/development.

I want to address the different audiences based on trading needs and time you got:

No time?

Another factor is that many people don’t have time. If you want INSTANT RESULTS for Forex or Cryptocurrency, I will provide roadmaps to hint references within the course to quickly get quick positive trading results. If you choose a robust trading platform like MotiveWave, I think some videos will help you get rapid results with minimal time investment. It all comes down to proper trading decisions by just pushing a button and executing a provided trading strategy for your AUTOMATED TRADING. A few clicks later, you can have an automated trading strategy ready to deploy depending on your timeframe choice. I will even provide the source code which makes this trading strategy and course most valuable.

Go deep if you got the time.

At the same time, as a factor, I will be adding more videos for those who want to go deep with many trading tip videos and hints when using MotiveWave.

Added future bonuses

It will also include hints on ‘trading secret’ software for market screeners. As I am back on Windows 11, I will also be including updated Excel screeners. Many significant items will be added, including using a free, open-source Bloomberg terminal clone to enhance your trading view in many areas, including dark pool investigation and predictive machine learning. Oh yes, we will eventually go there.


As you know, I need to update this course constantly with the unpredictable volatility and ever-changing market regimes. As a result, I will offer an introductory price for this course and a monthly interactive subscription to implement new changes to keep up with the markets for optimal performance.

I am looking at an introductory price of $197 but eventually move this up to $297. This will give you access to this ever-dynamic changing course as long as you are subscribed to our Quant Analytics service explained below.

Significant Benefits of a Monthly Subscription Service like Quant Analytics

Keep up with all my changes, including Forex, ETF, and stock trading. I am actively trading now with Interactive Brokers. I will also gladly share my picks with even recommended weighting if you have more significant accounts. I focus on high-performing market categories each month to get optimal performance.

As you know, I do weekly webinars, so I plan to do weekly sessions for members of this group. With the power of MotiveWave, I can show actual trading setups and provide the duplicate setup files you can get in real time after publishing. This will save you a tonne of time if you do not know.

Also, as a coder, I constantly update or generate new automated strategies to stay updated with the markets. You don’t need to know how to code since you can implement the same system. Do any other trading memberships offer you that?

Boiling it all down to pricing

The current pricing of this Quant Analytics is $47/month. This should be in the neighborhood of at least $297 per month. This is 6x times of the current price! Why do I make this claim of $297 eventually?

As it stands, I will be increasing the price from $47 to $97 eventually. As said, I am hoping to improve it even more. Why? I am back to contributing to, where my recent articles were read by their 25% paying members at $30-$300 per month. These are professional capital managers from the likes of Wall Street and beyond!

As I contribute more articles for what Seeking Alpha editors want, my primary focus will be to reach these Wall St pros who are joining my email list. They are also willing to pay for top research! These editors state that these Wall St researchers want their analysis to focus on fundamentals. Not technical nor quantitative! As a result, I follow that money as they say.

Also, these same Seeking Alphas articles are distributed to top partners, including MSN Money, CNBC, MarketWatch, NASDAQ, and TheStreet.

On top of that

Could you imagine what I could charge once I get my third-party verified track records implemented in the coming months?

As you can, I would strongly recommend you take FULL advantage of this LOW monthly offering of $47 before the price increases. You will be PERMANENTLY GRANDFATHERED at this rate of $47 per month forever as you remain a member.

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