Screw social media Youtube Facebook Instagram?

If you have not seen it by now, I am not posting as frequently on any of the social media or my web domains of or It is proving to be a worthless task with nothing in return. I want to focus on things that deliver an ROI!

Most of my private correspondence is going here now:

1. Valuable investment tips and content are posted behind my paywall these days. Join here for that access:

I can’t be bothered by posting valuable stuff for free no more! I got a chihuahua with hot legs to feed. Also, I have taught him how to sleep with his legs in the air. This a new talent I can extract value from. You can see his abilities here.

2. More of my private talks go into the chat server here as it is free:

I post such valuable content every few hours in the News Room. It won’t stay up for long since it gets refreshed frequently. This is the best way to reach me!

3. Telegram is an easy way to communicate via a mobile app. I am not focusing on the growth of these channels, as only hardcore followers watch this stuff anyhow.

Future announcements coming:

1. I hope to find new ways to reach audiences via modern NFT distribution techniques. I will let you know as that comes together later in the week.

2. Also, I am adding new updated ‘fun’ stuff to buy soon. Both of these will be new revenue streams to keep it all going.

3. Expanded Seeking Alpha exposure. I am up to a whopping 160 followers, but that is much faster growth than negatively manipulating social media channels like Facebook, IG, Youtube, etc.

Screw them; they ain’t so important as I soon move into a decentral and censor-free world. This is all thanks to the new Web3.

I am hoping the next webinar will be different. This will be on my learning of NFT distribution, but I got to see it work with the help of experts.

Is It good bye to YouTube

It is getting too complicated to keep doing these videos. Is it goodbye Youtube? Google/Youtube suppression is unreal. It is just not no longer worth it to post on this platform. It takes too many button check to get a video posted. I am not even including the restriction checks and other dumber features I need to worry. It was better back 10+ years ago to post on Youtube to get literally thousands of views. Those days are so long gong.

I don’t think you can expect me to continue posting on Youtube with such little return. I am also quite confident to market on this platform is useless as well. There is clear manipulation that any efforts to get max benefits is worthless.

Also I have not even mentioned the censorship neither.

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I think my future videos deserve better viewership on my Rumble channel

So long suckers, I won’t be posting as much here