Does adding NASDAQ today Boost your long term portfolio returns

Here is a manual process I am experimenting with to enhance potential long term returns. It seems you want as many un-correlated instruments possible. Will adding a US index like NASDAQ help to boost returns long term as the markets have been shaky. I can automatically easily and also turn it into a subscription based service.

What do you thunk as I am looking for feedback?

Boost your trading portfolios long term

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Python Algo Trading Infrastructure with Crypto Currency <<<<

Here is the latest:

Gold Price Erased Gain as Treasury Rise on Fed Rate Comments

Facebook’scrypto project Diem could be ending

Also, I am doing another survey at

The questions is: Let me know which entices you the most
This is for the services I want to launch! Let me know which is important to you.


P.S. One of the potential service is something simliar to this:

I am looking for feedback on something like this. How can it be improved? Is the price offer fair? I plan to do something similar to help those who want to grow their trading portfolios.