ETF investing 2022: Where were you last night?

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ETF investing 2022: Where were you last night?

I did another webinar based on this topic of ETF investing 2022:

ETF investing 2022 based on new strategy for huge potential

This was a 2 hour video where I go to deep on:

1. What category has been performing lately? I also hint at what could do well for Aug which did well in July. It seems no one talks about this sector!

2. I also drop hints on how to interpret these tearsheets as the new month of Aug rolls out. I just did a video on this today.

3. I also took a look at which international regions perform with literally no voaltility in their pricing action over the last 6 months. I talked about how the flatlining US dollar is changing all the latest performances for 2022.

4. How does crypto stack up against all these other sectors?

Basically, it is not what you think it is. In a highly negative market, there are still lots of opportunities to get returns via a fully diverse set of ETFs that actually perform.

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Thanks Bryan

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